8 Important Lessons To Learn To Be Fashionable

Why is it important to be fashionable?

1. Trends are not worth stressing about. The trend cycle is so fast that nothing is ever “in” or “out” for that long. Certainly not to the point of that it’s worth stressing about. What’s more, the clothing market is so large and varied that you can find pretty much anything you want as long as you are willing to look for it.

2. Your “body type” does not dictate what trends look good on you. People are fond of saying that certain trends only look good on tall and/or skinny women — midi skirts, crop tops, wide-leg pants, etc. — but that’s just not true. If the fit, proportion, and styling are on point, then it doesn’t matter what size or shape your body is.

3. Confidence — plus polish — really can sell any outfit. It’s true that if you feel good, you will look good, but only to a point. The fact is, even a dress you love can still look sad if it’s wrinkled and you just throw your hair into a greasy ponytail and slap on some foundation at red lights. It’s when you take the time to add that extra layer of polish that a look really comes together.

4. People will only know your shit is cheap if you tell them. Most designer clothing is so overpriced that the only way to tell the difference between Zara and some high-end brand — at least at a glance — is by looking at the label.

5. Logos and other prominent branding will cheapen a look more often than not. Plastering yourself with logos and brand signatures is just tacky. You end up looking like a walking advertisement. You see it from time to time in fashion editorials, but it’s almost always done with a sense of irony.

6. Fashion is about following trends, but style is about finding a look that works for you and sticking with it. You’ll never be satisfied chasing trends. Find what works for you and go with it.

7. Proper tailoring can make anything look like a million bucks. Seriously, fit is the single most important factor in making a piece of clothing look good. That’s why professional stylists and fashion brands spend so much time pinning, clamping, and tailoring clothes on photo shoots.

8. Shopping is not the answer. The success of the fashion industry is dependent on convincing you that you need to buy more stuff, but that’s just a stone-cold manipulation. You don’t actually need more stuff. You have enough stuff. If anything, you just need to change your relationship to the stuff you already have. For instance, research suggests that you will be more satisfied with your clothes if you only wear them for specific purposes — like having a work wardrobe and a weekend wardrobe, and never mixing them.

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