1. Nara Paz | Boston

A native of Southern Brazil, Nara Paz rose from humble beginnings to success as a graphic designer before moving to the United States to study fashion. Soon after her graduation from Lasell College in Boston, she and her husband opened her eponymous line and atelier, which offers classic silhouettes with contemporary updates. Her clients are treated to private shopping experiences that range from custom-made signature staples to couture gowns and evening wear.

  1. Devinto | Cape Cod

Aiste Zitnikaite founded Devinto in Montreal, Canada before relocating to Cape Cod, where her eco and ethically conscious line is now designed and produced. A focus on natural and sustainable materials, coupled with her search for both glamor and comfort, make her pieces as principled as they are stylish, and as functional as they are elegant. Devinto will be showcased this year at Style Week Northeast.

  1. Isoude | Newport, RI

Designer Katie Brierly has conceived of a whole new approach to luxury, mindfulness and the art of dressing with her line, Isoude. With a goal of creating long-lasting and ethically produced pieces, she invites clients to step into a unique private shopping experience, whether in her chic Newport boutique, through in-home appointments, or at one of her exclusive trunk shows.

  1. South Street Linen | Portland ME

South Street Linen is the product of a collaboration between three women: friends and mid-career artists who were looking for outlets for their respective interests in printing, dyeing, and sewing, and are now leaders in the textile industry revival in Maine. Yet “industry” in their case means a hands-on, slow fashion approach that employs artisans and seamstresses across the state to produce their clean, minimalistic designs from sustainable, high quality materials.

  1. Neville Wisdom | New Haven, CT


A pioneer in New Haven’s urban revitalization movement, Neville Wisdom’s eponymous line has brought jobs, cheerful silks, and a loyal body of customers to the city’s downtown 9th Square district. .

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